FRYER’S KINETIC CARD KITS – Paper engineering Based in the UK, this site offers one of my grails of cardmodeling – the paper clock.

The kit is based on a working seventeenth century wall clock. I once passed up a chance to pick one of these up, possbly from a different manufacturer, and have really regretted it since.

BONUS: Fryer offers a free trebuchet model as well.

Generally speaking the kits seen here are of a fairly high degree of refinement.

This post is the result of a desultry search for a free zep kit, not that I expect to turn one up.

One thought on “More Cardmodels

  1. I tried to do a grandfather clock model once, but messed it up utterly. It looked more complex and ornate than this one though. But that could be sour grapes.

    Very cool models!

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