@mcgee_gorgo this idea interests me, especially. I make my living on the internets selling things that were necessities before electricity. – 07:12 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo or at the dawn thereof. – 07:12 AM GMT
20 years ago, where u vill crate & barrel is, there was an enormous bowling alley, University Lanes, with a huge canvas mural of Rainer. – 07:49 AM GMT
So basically, the iPhone is way better than the iPad. Mac OS is also better than both. I use the phone when I can & the iPad until I can’t. – 07:56 AM GMT
@zipties it’s hard to say. For some reason using the phone is never frustrating while using the pad often is. Certain tasks best on Mac OS. – 03:02 PM GMT
Boy cat is drinking my coffee! I suppose that may be a bad idea. His sadly-deceased sister used to love to munch coffee beans. – 05:51 PM GMT
@zipties what’s odd is that I will use the iPad over the phone *even though* I know it will frustrate me. Screen size? Dunno. – 05:53 PM GMT