RT @paulconstant: Goldberg’s Famous Deli is a damn fine reason to visit Factoria. It’s a great New York deli planted in a weird, kinda d … – 02:13 AM GMT
@paulconstant noted! God, whyyyyy are there no delis? WHYYY? You know, used to be red-checked tablecloth Italian in town too, but no more. – 02:15 AM GMT
First world problem: get my dad an iPad 1 or 2? The man values saving money. Hm. Well. There it is, buy what they won’t. 2 it is. – 02:21 AM GMT
t.co/9zxghP7m /// police observer defends UCB pepper spray as “standard” & “justified” by resistance – 02:48 AM GMT
Oops, UCD, not B – 02:49 AM GMT
@mubay ur bad mans lol – 04:35 AM GMT
Geez the Lieutenant Pepper Spray remixes are off the hook. I would like stats on domain reg including the words pepper spray over this week. – 04:39 AM GMT
All variations of ltpepperspray are available – 04:41 AM GMT
I married a cyborg. No, really. – 05:39 AM GMT
@ardaniel as I was going over the Tom and Jerry mountains I came on Colin Farrell his money he was counting – 06:25 AM GMT
.@zipties of COURSE. And: 1. Artificial pancreas. 2. Does the Robot. – 01:41 PM GMT
Omg rainpocalypse – 02:42 PM GMT
@jonronson so you are suggesting such reader behavior is psychopathic? – 02:45 PM GMT