@mcgee_gorgo @arthurwyatt re self promo; I have been thinking about this, actually, w/r/t Gaiman, Palmer, Webley. Gracious selfpromo … – 02:54 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo @arthurwyatt … involves doubling down: seek out other creators you dig and collaborate, then promote your partner’s work. – 02:56 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo @arthurwyatt this strategy also provides social benefits and is a virtuous circle, enhancing creative challenges. Anyway. – 02:57 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo @arthurwyatt so what I am saying is at a minimum you should collaborate. Best case, Art points an artist at Mike McG & inverse. – 02:59 AM GMT
I wonder if I could set this up as a dual boot hackintosh? ow.ly/1AHsVq // Wacom-compatibility & wireless, exactly what I want. – 06:01 PM GMT
MSRP only about 300 more than the Cintiq. Hm. – 06:02 PM GMT