Bill Mauldin Dies at 81, notes this AP obit at Yahoo.

I ran a pointer to an OC Register story a ways back in which the original columnist encouraged postcards and letters to be passed along to Mauldin, who was described as demoralized by his Alzheimer’s.

The blog entry turned into an alternative means for Googlers to email Mauldin, or such was the weight of public opinion.

I believe that my server may be challenged by incoming connections to that original entry over the next day or two.

4 thoughts on “Mauldin dead at 81

  1. …That’s how i found this…;)
    Sad to see another great doodler pass, even sadder when they go in pairs or more (Al Hirschfeld, 2 days ago @ 99 in his sleep)

    At least these two had a full life, a lot of cartoonists seem to die rather young.

    Rough way to go for Bill, Alzheimer’s scares the crap out of me.

  2. yep, referral storm inbound. running around 30-40 visits an hour, which should be bearable. I hope.

    Many folks are recalling and looking for Mauldin’s extraordinary and memorable cartoon of the Lincoln Memorial figure of Lincoln holding his face in grief, published in response to President Kennedy’s assassination.

  3. WOW! Mike, your site has become an improptu condolence book for Mauldin fans of all ages. As a regular visitor, I’m loving reading all the messages from WWII vets. Thinking about them coming here through Google and posting their stories is moving. Cheers!

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