Glacial Erratics is Mr. Chris Dent’s contribution to the blogosphere. Mr. Dent has already brought Warp, a wiki variant, into the world, and generally brings interesting thoughts into his interactions.

I have, sadly, missed the portion of Mr. Dent’s life wherein copious wild oats are sown, which is another way of saying we’ve never exactly gotten drunk together. But someday, I’m sure we will.

I met Chris through the estimable, or perhaps inestimable, Eric Sinclair, and met the ever amusing Sabrina of PouPOU via Chris.

Good company the lad keeps.

[typos edited, as they were bad enough to impede legibility]

2 thoughts on “Dent joins the fray

  1. Oi, I’ve been outed.

    I think, Mike, that you were drunk when you wrote this. It reaches a level of typo that I consistently get when sober.

    I promise to get drunk with you someday. It requires lots of free time and no plans to go anywhere, which, when last we met, was not on the agenda.

    I like a nice single malt, how about you?

  2. er, mmmaybe.

    I did have the very rare free evening yesterday and plied myself with some Wild Turkey.

    I had intended to cap the typos after doing my morning news run for Cinescape but Chris beat me to the article…

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