test to see if I’ve enabled the scheduled publication feature.

This feature is a php-based hack from scriptygoddess.com, found here.

Theoretically, it allows the publisher to set an entry to a date/time, and it won’t appear until that date and time – something observant readers of this site will understand my interest in.

Now if this works, perhaps I’ll debug the server-side plugins that stoped working when I upgraded to MT 2.51…

On the other hand, if it fails, perhaps you’ll get to see an entire week’s publication schedule presented all at once.

very oddly, when I hit “Save” in the MT UI, these URLS appeared in the “URLs to ping” field:


which kind of spooks me. Also, they keep appearing even if I delete them, which makes me suspect there’s a problem with my database.

4 thoughts on “Testing scheduled publication

  1. A ha!

    “If you turn on auto-discovery, when you write a new post, any external links will be extracted and the appropriate sites automatically sent TrackBack pings.”

    Spooky! So why does it work here and less so elsewhere? hmph.

  2. Hey! You pinged me! LOL! Yeah – those urls are pings to me (well – scriptygoddess – it says “hipmonkey” because that’s where scriptygoddess’s MT install is)

  3. Dag nabbit.

    The simple php approach used at scriptygoddess has some drawbacks: primarily, since it hides the post at the time the user loads the page, links, individual archives, and most irritatingly, the calendar navigator all render the entry.

    There’s a more complaex approach available that blocks the retrieval call to the database based on a date test, which is the RIGHT way to do this.

    Of course, the right RIGHT way is to build it as a plugin using MT’s API.

    Hm, must look into this.

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