“Safe Treyf”: New York Jews and Chinese Food (via everyone’s favorite superhero, BoingBoing) explains the relationship between two of my favorite things. I’ve taught a Jew how to make bagels, but my wok-slingin’ needs work.

Seriously, my parents taught me the wonders of both cuisines: I learned the chopsticks, not without struggle, under the tutelage of them and one Harry Liu, a restaurateur who had a location in downtown Lafayette, Indiana. Hmm, man his food was the best. He was an old school, sit down with the family restaurant guy whose family owned a very fancy place in Boston (possibly closed, no Google trace seems to exist) called Peking on the Mystic.

Later, he moved to Boston to run the place when his dad died, but came back to Lafayyette and opened a new restaurant, also not found when googling.

(Upper case? Lower case? Should it be Googling?)

Interestingly, as I noted in an earlier entry, we lived in Brookline (a Boston neighborhood) for a year in 1972, which was noted for its’ Jewish population and from the web traces I found for the other entry remains so. Mmm, Jack and Marian’s knishes! The Sunnyside Deli’s bagels!

Ah, yummy.

I recieved an email from a reader requesting a review of The Two Towers, which I’m considering; but I have some sort of illness that kept me from it at the moment.

NEXT WEEK, however, will be Man Conquers Space Week here, as I publish a five-part interview with David Sander, the creator of not only the mockumentary of that name but of a near-functional Apollo space suit replica. This interview is the first of what I hope will be several with creative persons of interest to me, ME, MEEE – and hopefully to you as well.

Sunday will introduce the project, the weekdays will consist of the interview itself, and Saturday will provide me an opportunity to wrap it up, including, possibly, an update from David.

Keep watching the skies!

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