Yowsa! I’m all tapped out for the day – you can find my blatherings here, in the comments on lower-case i, wherein all and sundry have offered opinion and diagnostic on the Great Internet Controversy of Ought-Two, (or is that the great internet controversy of ought to) including a spirited and technologically-informed defense of the capital-I Internet usage by the Gentil Knight himself, Allan Baruz.

I also realized I’d incorrectly memorized the spelling of his name. Double-ell.

In other news, Ken “Jim-Dandy Research Squirrel” Goldstein still doesn’t care for Adaptation despite incontrovertible evidence that it’s hilarious. I should know! after all, I’m a kidder!

That doesn’t stop him (nor should it) from taking a poke at my “jargontastic” recrding of tales of techno-woe from time to time (he asserts “weeks”, but don’t point out that he’s off base – as an accountant, he is very touchy about his dyscalculia).

He also notes, accurately, my undisciplined use of the semi-colon, which I don’t defend. But it’s probably going to stay that way in first drafts, as much of the blog you now read is written.

Finally, he notes the high geek coefficient in my entry about our DVD player cutting out, to which I’ll cop. It’s a hard life, what with being happily married and all; nope, nothing like being the cool man-about-town Mr. Goldstein must be, there in his cozy bachelor pad, overlookinging the gloriuos Pulaski skyway. It’s a wonder I ever found someone.

If only I was less geeky, and, oh, for example, got into the cool stuff the cool kids are into, like fantasy baseball, for example. Or oh, I don’t know, vintage reproductions of early twentieth century semi-professional sportswear. If I got into that I’d probably be as cool as my good, good friend Ken Goldstein.

Did I mention that Ken has aparently taken to posting biting personal accounts of having broken up with the love of his life disguised as restaurant reviews? Poor man. I think I see it now; Adaptation probably struck too close to home. The alienated loneliness of the bitterly obsessed. Poor, poor man.

Won’t someone take pity on him? I’ve heard he’s the swinginest!

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