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I bought this at the same used bookstore in which I picked up a copy of firearm enthusiast William Vollmann‘s latest in his “Seven Dreams” epic of squalor, Argall. (Please note, Vollmann’s link is to a fan site.)

I bought it because of the Belgian Waffles, with whom I’ve a standing offer regarding running reviews of bourbon, whisky, and scotch labels, bottles and packaging (but not the liquor – you should see how these guys drink). Here’s Bill’s recipe for “Wild Turkey Surprise.”

Apparently, or so I was informed, this sticker above is some sort of prank on a bear-protection organization, or something. I think Ken gave me a keychain for the ursine-oriented recently, come to think of it.

Uh, the image above is (c) copyright 1999 Tin Hat Novelties.