potter_working.jpgWalter Potter was a victorian taxidermist and eccentric. This website memorializes him and his freaky, wonderfrul taxidermy tableaux. Imagine “Dogs Playing Poker,” but with real, stuffed animals. Then, expand your imagination, and there ya go.


Scott will wish to visit on account of the gerbil cricket match.

Rebecca (who is doubtless busy kicking ass in the greater metro Boston area and will not see my link here) will come for the toads, without a doubt. Caution, sensitive souls – my dear sweat flavored gummi’s site is NEVER work safe and frequently features a top-of-page image that is intended to offend and disgust.

Poupou will enjoy the kittens, sort of.

I myself favor the kitten with two faces or that with 8 legs and two tails.

(UPDATE: Where are my freakin’ manners? I saw this at jimfl’s Everything Burns. My apologies for having unsourced this.)

(You know what would rock in MT? A source link field.)

One thought on “Victorian taxidermy

  1. OK, so my burning question is; is that a real cow???

    So my favorite is the Hogarthian contrast of the “Upper Ten” versus the “Lower Ten”…

    There is a certain surreal necrophilic fascination (pardon the redundancy there!) in viewing the displays. Audubon would do the same to me, except his productions are more artistically marvelous…

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