…and poker.

Disjointed, eh? I’ll give you disjointed.

The storm news today reminded me, as always, of April 1974.

I made some beef stew today, with the goodness of Guiness, and mm-hmmm, do it smell good!

I’ve been seduced by the wily Goldstein into a hand of Blog Poker. Thank god the pale-dry-boy is dealing and not kicking my ass, as would otherwise surely happen.

He is employing my favr’ite poker variety, which he’s not named but that I will from now on think of as New Jersey Hold ‘Em.

I’m currently showing a not-terribly-exciting 3h/4d/As/ with one down. We’re waitin’ on the flop.

UPDATE: the Flop done flupped. But it ain’t like I kin tell YEW whut I’m holdin’.

Hey tablemates! I want you all to notice me drinking heavily on the casino’s tab over heah!

hey HEy HEYYYY! Ge’me oneovv ’em uh, whatchacall, um, um, Pernod and gins. Yeahhh, thass it. And MAKE IT A DOUBLE!!

hey, got a light?

4 thoughts on “Tornadoes and Beef Stew

  1. hey – that’s my secret ingredient – only i use it in the base for chili – along with canned tomatoes & bits of the water I cooked the black beans in. Oh shit, i guess it’s not a secret any more.

    Anyway – go on and post that beef stew recipe, willya?

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