Wacky Hoosiers is an angelfire site maintained by all-around madman and personal childhood drinking buddy John Barge.

JB assiduously combs the papers of Indiana looking for evidence that our down-home home-state former cohabitants are, well, wacky.

John has a great eye for the absurd, and I’m always happy to see him update the site.

This month, he’s got an article on Hoosier fight hst Sammy Terry, the late nite B-Movie host of Channel 4’s terribly bad horror flick fest for every year in my living memory; that punkin cannon story that was making the rounds, a MUFON conference, and a disturbing image on a cereal box, among other fine offerings.

Don’t miss the scale-model Arby’s.

One thought on “Wacky Hoosiers

  1. That reminds me of a blurb I heard on the wfiu local news last night:

    Student group plans to hold demonstration outside of Starbucks on Indiana Avenue.

    Counterprotesters to meet for coffee.

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