It’s a long drive up and back in a day – 3 hours each way, with a slow border cross both ways. We got waved into Canadian emigration for a short bit of closer scrutiny on the way up it was shorter on the way back.

I had left my birth certificate in the trunk when we hit the border on the way back, and the black clad border inspector, who looks just like a swat cop without armor, instructed up to pop the trunk.

He negelcted to tell me to get out of the car to get the certificate, though. Rule number one with cops and cars is do nothing unless specifically instructed, so when he expressed irritation that I had not exited the car to et the certificate I was puzzled.

Anyway, we got through with no difficulty.

I do not know how much of the material from my visit needs to be reserved for Cinescape, so I can’t write about what I saw in great detail here yet. But it was cool, and very interesting.

We were attending a press conference and set walkthrough for the X-MEN 2 movie currently in production in Vancouver. Nearly the entire cast was at the press conference, and I asked a question during the conference of Patrick Stewart. Then I got shy and clammed up, much to my disappointment.

The set walkthough was also remarkable. For now, all I’ll note concerning the sets is that what we were shown was very large.