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  1. QUAG at 3750 points! QUEUERS with 7 letters! Highest score is 194890! Highest ranking is Publisher! It’s level 16! I’m the master!

  2. Who can beat my highest score of 649860? I just got to level 25 on the deluxe version! My best word in my current game was CINCH for 3360 points! My longest word was FAQUIRS with 7 letters! My highest rank was Lexographer! If you beat my score, post a message then send a screenshot of your game. I’m known to beat all of ya’ll!

  3. Highest score of 865,920,869,720. I just got to level 12345. My ranking was Bookworm Supreme level 10270. Best word was QUETZAL for 106290 points. Longest word was SUPERHEROES with 11 letters. My next rank was at 867,500,000,000 points. My level time was 06:42. My total game time was 12:34:56:08:20:32.

    In my best word,the Q and Z were Diamond tiles. All the rest were Sapphire tiles.

    My best word had 2 Diamond and 9 Sapphire tiles.

    If you beat my score,post a screenshot.

  4. I just got BookWorm for GameBoy Advance and I want to wonder what everybody’s best word in BookWorm was. Mine was BASKETS at an astounding 12920 points. Yes. Earn Da bonus tiles and choose Yer play mode.

  5. [posted by TheSpizer X]lieslieslies

    Honestly. That time stamp doesn’t even make sense. Not to mention that if you had a score that high, it’d show up in the internet high scores. But the worst part is? If you got to level 12345, your ranking would be Bookworm Supreme 12313. That is simply because there are 32 rankings. Each level reached after level 33 (you gain rank 32 at level 33) gives you +1 for the number on the star. I should know, I just reached level 34 today.


  6. I LOVE THIS GAME AND SOMETIMES CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT!!!!!!! Okay how high does the levels go? I am at level 3667 and counting……! Thanks for the game.

    Happy House Goddess

  7. my high was today on the yahoo version, 883,210, longest word was holiday for 2970. i took a picture with my phone but don’t know how to place it here. i only got to level 14 though. i had a bunch of the bonus words at 50, 000 a pop. does the bonus go up any more?

  8. Hey, I Love this game, I reached Lexographer,1st Class, does anybody know what that means? How high of a score can you get on this game? My score was 684,860. I know it’ll go higher than that, so I’ll keep playing!

  9. I played a dizzying game for several hours last night in Action Game mode and got to 3,114,260. My longest word is only 7 letters on this computer, with the word ‘donning’. I have played it on several computers in this house and at my parents home and have high scores on each one.

    Classic Game ( 4,436,300 )
    Action Game (1,485,910)

    1- WIDENING 27,280— ( i was at level 40. and this was worth about 33,000,,,,then i lost some of my letters…. got them back though! )

    2- VOODOOED 14,310
    3- PICCOLOS 13,720

    2- ACCUSINGLY 10
    3- ANNOYINGLY 10

  11. Wow! At last I got the highest rank in Bookworm with the score of 637,130. I love this game, oh yeah!

  12. I had never played this game for so many hours until this week. I thought I’d done a good job by becoming Lexographer 1st class with a score of 724260 classic until I visited this page 🙂 My best word is only worth 4800 points: ADDICTED.

    I admire all the bookworms and most of all, the programmers of this game, who has created and named tens of thousands of ranks, adorning them with impressive figures!

    I love this game, although my native language is not English!

  13. high score 8,765,760
    best word fanatically 17000
    longest distributive questionable
    as is the score by xoninja
    can’t play any more – brain fryed

  14. I reached the Rank of Lexographer 1st Class with 732,260 points…became bleary-end and stopped. I thought I was rather high until I read other reports…I still like the game, BUT NOT THE MUSIC IN DELUXE …it bothers me, SO DID NOT ORDER.

  15. I thought I was high 982980 points level 28 and there was no more levels, but when i rich Lexographer i decide to look it up on line and saw that i was far from being high.
    best word VET 2790 points,
    longest word bounces 7
    this was on top classic,
    I have the bookworm deluxe

  16. New level reached: 46, with high score 6,278,480.
    Does anyone know how many levels there are? If I ever get to the end of this game, will my p/c explode or implode?

  17. You guys are really good..this is the 2nd time I played this game introduce by my husband. I never heard of it before but I did score 220,300.

    My longest word : Thriver (2970 pts.) and its also the best word.

    I might play it next time. My eyes needs rest!

  18. My score was a whopping 680,780. I also am a Lexographer. Didn’t save the screen but I don’t lie.

  19. You people are full of it. Level 10,000+? You can’t save games, and this would take you YEARS. What you people are doing is cheating by altering the bones word files to easy words like “are” etc… Seriously, 2 Billion? Right…..

  20. I like playing this game but was curious what kind of scores other people got. I don’t have a clue how to publish the scores online even though, I am supposed to be able to. my high score is, 4,814,140 my best word is projections for 21,290. I definitely don’t believe those fools who say they have scored in the billions or even hundreds of millions. liars

  21. My high score was 573,420, and I reached Lexographer. What is the highest level I can reach? I am playing on the web, Ihave not downloaded the game. Is there a big difference?

  22. My high score in the classic game is only 4 million something. I have an Action game going now at 6,842,480, Level 47, with about 4 hours playing time. This is my highest game yet! I only sit for 10-30 mins at a time. LOVE this game!! I sit and play while talking on the phone. I’ve introduced it to many friends as well!

  23. I just got done playing bookworm and I reached Lexographer!! My final score is 573730!!

    Take care,

  24. We started playing this time to time since last year my wife and I reached to these high scores:(But we help each other to reach these levels)
    Joanne: Lexographer 630,000 Level 24
    David: Vocabulist 437,820 Level 22 (5/29/07)

    We wondered how far and high this game can go..So apparently it does reach in the million level. So there is no last level?

  25. I just got 6,495,750 overall on delux version. Game time of 7 hours 30 mins. Top score for one word ICING AT 10,260. Longest word QUADDING. The burning tile that killed me caught me by suprise but I think I was on level 47. Totally addicted…

  26. I just flamed out last night at 10,605,340. Level 52. Highest words were “divine” at 12,000 and “unfurl” at 11,760. Previous high was 6,236,780 after three 5 million plus and four 4 million plus games.

    Anyone out there have a score for me to chase after?

    Arizona Joe

  27. Only playing bookworm a short time. Just reached lexographer at 573,000. Thanks, Sue 6/13/07

  28. I play the 1.0y version. Some of my better words were ‘dominances’ and ‘indelicately,’ my only twelve-letter word.

    Sorry, I didn’t record what I got for those, but my highest word score was 600,000 something, containing both a blue tile and diamond tile. I am currently at 400,000 something and I DO NOT use any cheats of any kind.


  29. I just got RIPPED off! I got “rebirthed” with 4 green squares – it would have been HUGE. But Bookworm didn’t take it as a word, so I had to settled for “rebirth” with only 3 green squares. This is not the first time that Bookworm has rejected a legitimate word. How has your experience been with this??

  30. Please continue this list I got to Bookworm @ level 29 with 1,029,000 points

    1= Book Burner
    2= Encyclopedia Salesman
    3= Trainee
    4= Clerk
    5= Scribe
    6= Bookkeeper
    7= Bookbinder
    8= Proofreader
    9= Assistant Librarian
    10= Librarian
    11= Senior Librarian
    12= Archivist
    13= Grand Archivist
    14= Editor
    15= Editor in Chief
    16= Publisher
    17= Publisher Emeritus
    18= Glossographer
    19= Wordstalker
    20= Wordhoarder
    21= Wordmaster
    22= Vocabulist
    23= Thesaurian
    24= Thesaurus Rex
    25= Lexographer
    26= Lexographer 1st Class
    27= Dictionarian
    28= Super Dictionarian
    29= Bookworm

  31. I play the 1.0y version. Some of my better words were ‘dominances’ and ‘indelicately,’ my only twelve-letter word.

    I just broke over I billion, today – Monday, July 16, 2007! Yay! I never thought I would get this far. I don’t use the cheat programs and anyone who does shouldn’t even mention their scores. JMHO

  32. On July 19th I played bookworm and I received the
    Lexographer level with 684720 points

  33. For Mike Redd’s request, I just finished a game at 5,115,030. That was level 44. Level 30 is Ultra Bookworm and everything else from 31 through 44 was Bookworm Supreme. I was up around level 89 I believe when I hit my high of 10.6 million a few months ago but I wasn’t paying attention to the titles. If I’m lucky enough to get back up there again, I’ll pass on the titles.

    Arizona Joe

  34. I am on level 97 and my score is 104,876,030 and still going. How’s that for a number to chase Joe from Az? If I ever reach a billon I will sure let you all know. As far as cheating I wouldn’t know how. If anyone can tell me how to copy my score and where to post it I will prove it. I thought I would win the game at 9999999 and was very discouraged when it rolled over. I thought what’s the point now, so thanks for this web site at least I have something to play for.

    PJ…also from AZ

  35. Hi all,
    I just got this game and I love it. My college professors always called me a wordsmith, and I am an avid reader. This game is right down my alley. It took me a couple of trys to figure out some basic strategy. My third (last game) I was at Bookworm Supreme with a 9 next to it. Total points = 3,520,130. I am going to take a day off of it, and return to playing on my spare time tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how I do the next time.

  36. I just broke the two billion mark, but it seems as though the game does not want me to get any further. The burning tiles just keep on coming.

    2,083,990,200 is my current score, level 8744.
    I play the Yahoo Bookworm Delux version, 1.0y.
    Anyone else having this problem at 2 billion?

  37. Hey all,

    I just lost a game of bookworm deluxe and wondered what the highest score has been – did a search and here I am.

    I just finished with 45,236,400. My best words were “rocketer” with 30,750 and longest with 11 letters was “millionaire” “Squatter” was the next best word at 26,420

    So I have a way to go to see if I encounter the problems at 2 billion, but I’ll give it a shot

    It’s an addicting game that I can’t give up…and by the way, I didn’t know there was a cheat program. So I’ll post again when I reach a billion!

  38. You could post a screenshot on some webpages (shift+PrtScn puts your current screen on the clipboard, then you paste it into a graphics program like paint and save as jpg), but not this one. I just went over 1,100,000, level 30, but I’m beginning to find the game redundant. I was hoping there was a level where you win. Does anything get more challenging later on or does it just keep going the same way all the way through?

  39. I am at level 52 with over 11 million for a score. I save it and play daily. No cheats. SOOO addicted. All my kids love it too. No it doesnt egt harder unless you scramble. Good luck all!!

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