I subscribe to the Vulgar Boatman email list, and bandleader Dale Lawrence posted this today:

The Boatmen are playing two special Halloween shows next week, masquerading as the Velvet Underground.

Friday October 25 at Vertigo in Bloomington (IN): It’s a fund-raiser for the Pin-Up, a local arts publication. The club itself will be masquerading as Andy Warhol’s Factory and the Boatmen will play two full hours of your (or at least our) favorite Velvets songs.

Saturday October 26 at Radio Radio in Indianapolis. A Halloween theme night featuring seven Hoosier combos, all in disguise (Pink Floyd, the Beatles, etc). The Boatmen go on at midnight and play an abridged (30-minute) version of their Velvets set.

I’ll give you a nickle if you attend both nights.

Believe me, this has every possibility of really being something. I am hosting ten songs from a show the band played in February, 2001 which sound uncannily like Exploding Plastic Inevitable era VU. This is possibly by design, since they cover Foggy Notion (unfortunately, the file I’m hosting cuts off… but the recordist promises more from the tape this Thanksgiving).

If you’re still kicking around Indiana, go to this show.


  1. Mike–

    Are you planning to see Jason Webley in Bellingham, or did you already go to see the Olympia show? I’d like to see the Bellingham show, but I need to find a way to get there. Otherwise, I’ve already got my ticket for the Day of the Dead show: they are $8.00, same as last year, at ticketweb.com, or at all Ticketweb outlets, such as that little record store near the top of Broadway (north of Safeway), whose name I keep forgetting, or else Sonic Boom in Fremont. Anyway, hope to see you at one of these shows. Meanwhile, I am still out street performing as long as the weather is unusually pretty, and attempting to steal Jason’s local market…


  2. … and I should note that the title for this entry was stolen from Dale’s email. Should the band be called the Vulgar Underground instead?

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