Master_SiteArticle283954.jpgMy review of THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE VOLUME III is up at Cinescape now.

If you haven’t read Vols 1 & 2, by all means do! Allan Bloom is crying becasue of YOU!

(What? you don’t think he was referring to these books in his hearty cries for more history in the curriculum? Could be. In that case, let him cry, cuz you should still read ’em. They might even lead you to gen-u-wine classics: I wouldn’t ever have paused for Herodotus if not for these books.)

Volume 3 is more good stuff, with less of the funny bits, I thought. The central narrative of the book is, in fact, the rise of Arab civilization and the period in which it held sway over the Mediterranean.

Lots of ground covered here that I don’t recall from History 101. Well hell, just read that review.


  1. How strange. I just saw volume 2 in a used bookstore and wondered if there was going to be another one. I really enjoyed the first one but thought that the artwork went way south in the second (though not nearly as much as the scrawled histories of America and Physics[?]).

    Hey, you’re a Correspondent!

  2. Several years ago, human code created a cd rom version of chotu vol 1. it was fantastic, and still stands up to any edutainment title created.

    if you ever find it, buy it.

    i used to show it as an example in a college new media course i teach.

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