Aargh, sorry this entry isn’t up til now. Guess I got too involved on Friday and Saturday. So: howzabout some mixed notes?

First off a big YEESH to Mr. Baruz for hooking me up to mainline a dang wordgame: Bookworm will keep me from my household chores for days. Weeks, even. I got NOZZLES with some bonus or something.

Next, I went overboard on the research for what’s gonna be an 800-word piece on the IMAX re-releases of “Attack of the Clones” and “Apollo 13,” and went and saw “Space Station 3D” and “Apollo 13” back to back last week. Or maybe the week before. I forget. Go see ’em both.

“Space Station 3D” was in un-headachy, polarized-lens-headset 3D and boy was it neat. It was very interesting to compare and contrast the static, information filled framing of the 3D movie to the artful, you-only-get-to-see-what-we-show-you approach of what is an excellent Hollywood flick, A13.

I’m working on another oversized project to spring on y’all soon. It’s neat, If I do say so myself. It’s not as convoluted as the KGP.

Hey-HEY RAM is cheap again. $50 for half a gig. Get it now before the port closings start messing things up good.

We have two successive waves of guests arriving shortly; Hotel Perez-Whybark will be booked until November.