Unless it’s an April Fool’s prank, my friend Jason has announced his upcoming return from sea on board the Skansonia in Lake Union on May first.

I think that space must be limited. I hope he offers presales.

May Day Concert

Wednesday May 1st, 8 pm
(doors open at 7:30)

The Skansonia
2505 North Northlake Way
(206) 545-9109
All Ages


2 thoughts on “JASON WEBLEY MAY DAY details out

  1. Mike–

    Have you heard where to get tickets to this? And has Jason sent out any emails via his email list about this? I definitely plan to be there, barring some catastrophe!

    Also, does your old Celtic band need anyone who plays fiddle/bodhran/guitar at the moment? I’m interested in checking them out. I was playing guitar at a session at the Irish Emigrant last night, and I regret not checking that place out sooner. It’s very pretty inside.



  2. Karen: re tickets:

    I don’t know about pre-buys. I hope there will be, but since there hasn’t been info about it, I assume not. The boat is probably smaller than the Paradox, so get there early.

    regarding the boxers: ask them! go here:


    and email Odin!

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