Had a busy, busy day yesterday. Greg and I recorded four songs for a demo. Then it was off to the Comet to wish the Karel a happy big 3-0. After that, we went to Spencer’s new digs where he’s moved in with Sarah and her son Izzy.

At the housewarming, it was great to see two sets of friends meeting and mingling – it was kind of freaky to walk into a party and know and recognize almost everyone there. Almost like being home. Hm.


Sarah had a copy of this killer new york downtown noise rock record my sister and I had as kids on the stereo at one point: NO NEW YORK. Shreiking caterwauls, squaking saxophones, ominous thumping: ah, sweet youth. I found it hilarious to be able to sing along to such anti-music.

Even better, hearing this jagged, pointy, mean music gave me a warm fuzzy of happy nostalgia. HAW!!!

Uh, the stuff Greg and I did is pretty much not like the music of Lydia Lunch, I’d like to take the chance to say right here.

NEW YORK NO WAVE ARCHIVE <- great googley moogely!!!

No New York
review from Creem, April 1979, about Lydia Lunch: “Listening to her is about as pleasant as being kicked in the stomach”, but, um, I think he likes the record.

… and for a mere $37.49, you to can enjoy the soothing sounds of “Woke Up Screaming”.