It’s a good idea to listen to the music of Right to Left and the Vulgar Boatmen as you read my entries for this week. It was what we were listening to at the time, and the songs seem to be about these events.

When we Walk
All of My Friends
Morgan Says
Good Night, Jeanne-Marie
Wide Awake
You and Your Sister
Drive Somewhere
Sometimes I just Wanna Change the World All Around


No Nostalgia has six VB songs available for free downloading.

my lil mp3 server offers two live Right to Left tracks.

There is a yahoo groups site for the Vulgar Boatmen, but I’m experiencing a domain name server outage at the moment, so I can’t reach the link. There are more free and live tracks available there.

UPDATE: here’s the link; you may need to sign up for access. Available are a cover of Believe What You Say from a 2001 show at Schuba’s in Chicago; The Kind of Girl I Could Love from a Monkees tribute compilation. Wide Awake, Let’s Take Some Drugs and Drive Around, and I’m Sorry are all from a very well-recorded live show in Germany, 1992.

And Finally, you can access the VB’s “You and Your Sister” at as mp3’s. They offer a 50-song free trial with signup (you must cancel or you’ll be billed as a subscriber); the downloads should still generate some revenue for the label and therefore presumably for the band.