SquirrelMail on OSX.

This guy’s setup is essentially the same as mine. I’ve avoided php.ini to date and hope to in future, though. Use of httpd.conf server directives is preferred, according to apache.org, so that’s what I have been trying to do.

However my use of Liyanage’s precompiled PHP module is officially making me nervous, since I don’t know all of his steps in cooking it. As he’s moving on to Jagwire and I’m staying put for the foreseeable future, I must needs hit the weights again.

A bit more musing on this, I think.

the squirrelmail site makes me a bit nervous too – ALL their docs are posted as open wiki, which means that, for example, their Requirements page can be, and apparently has been, edited by anyone, including me. In the non-english sections of the reqs, a variety of imap servers, including uw-imap, are specified as valid. Yet, in English, it appears that someone left the start of that line out somehow.

Since our correspondent at bayswaterfarm is in fact using uw-imap with squirrelmail, I must conclude that the requirements page listing is in error, which then leads me to wonder about other docs on the squirrelmail site.