Bells and Whistles has some lovely images for the Ken Goldstein Project – they’ll be at the Project site soon.

I’d like to point out that I think this qualifies as some sort of success. Let there be… Ken!

I wonder if Ken’s 13-year old buddy is onto the KGP yet.

I think some sort of prize should be offered for the largest group shot. I’m thinkin’ the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s, for example.

8 thoughts on “Ken: seen in Chitown.

  1. Speaking of Ken, he bought the recently released Cometbus book today. It’s eleventy billion pages long, weight a freaking ton (seriously, it’s extremely heavy for some reason) and costs a mere $14.95. Unfreakingbelievable.

  2. In a freaky turn of events, said-same book was purchased by the Chicago Contingent of the KGP just over 2 weeks ago (along with a buncha other stuff from Comix Revolution, including two “Special Edition” Comics Journal issues on Music and by Joe Sacco).

  3. hm, two double comments in two days. Ken, Eric: was my processor slow enough to force a double submit, or is there something else at work?

    The “Comics creators on comics” CJ actually has a long Sacco interview, I think you’ll find. I pitched a piece on sex in comics for the next one of these (they are quarterly) due out but didn’t pitch hard enough.

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