And at last, I’m proud to announce the open-sourcing of what began as my Ken Goldstein of the Week. But you know what? It’s so much larger than only me. Ken truly belongs to the world now – to each and every one of us that holds that little somethin’ that we call “Ken” in our hearts.


A hearty thank-you and congratulations to the literal handful of semi-interested observers who made this into the realization of one man’s crazy, crazy dream.

Here’s the way it works: I keep making goofy Ken Goldstein toys (Scott Chaffin wonders about the possibility of a Ken Goldstein action figure) and I’ll especially make them so that YOU, dear reader, can put a little Ken Goldstein into your life.

Below (and continued) is the first selection of images contributed by the selfless volunteers of the Ken Goldstein project, helping to spread a little bit of Ken Goldstein into this crazy world we live in. (I broke it up into two sections so it wouldn’t be a killer download on the front page. Better yet – go to the Ken Goldstein Project website, and sign up!)

As Ken has said in the past, “Oh dear lord, no!” Let that be our watchword!


Welcome to the Ken Goldstein Project.

Click the pics for a better view – and visit to get involved.

Contributors (as I write) include Ken’s ex-roomies Murph and Juli and Scott Chaffin of the Fat Guy. There will be others.