Oh man, flickr is driving me batty. The iPhoto module flickrexport works well, but a) does not successfully apply privacy settings in all cases, at least for me and b) I couldn’t get it to upload to an extant group. I only noted this after uploading all 1200 photos from 2004. Upon cursory googling, I found no hint of any large-scale batch management tools for photos uploaded without an assigned group, making it nearly impossible to move all of these photos to one group, and definitely impossible for me to change the privacy settings.

(UPDATE: It appears that for whatever reason the Organizr link ‘batch operations’ was invisible to me. Dunno If I missed it or if it didn’t render in the flash.)

My preferred course of action was to upload everything – five years’ worth – into year-long groups, locked down as fully private. Then, I would go though and find what I wanted to unlock.

At the same time as I have been doing this – overnight and so forth – I have been reuploading to my old Gallery install. So far, I’m afraid, old, piggy, runs slow as winter molasses Gallery is beating the pants off Flickr. I can see where once it’s all uploaded the incremental updates and sharing features are pretty cool, but geez, if you’re a completist pack rat like me it’s nearly as fun as going though your deceased family member’s forty-nine racks of slides dating back several decades.

I did try Uploadr, but it craps out on me every time somewhere around picture 250. It, at least, creates sets, uploads to existing sets, and accurately assigns permissions.