A while ago I concluded that I had accidentally eaten part of a habanero, a conclusion not embraced by all but one which remains in place in my mind. This belief was reinforced when last night I unthinkingly popped a whole roasted pepper into my mouth and then thought to ask, just as my diaphragm went into convulsions, “Was that a habanero?”

It was. I’m still feeling it. The immediate, five-minute symptoms last night and last May were quite identical. Happily, we were able to flag a waiter down to bring a shot of rum in short order. The rum was quite helpful.

6 thoughts on “Have an error

  1. Where the hell are you dining that they’re A) serving habanero peppers at all, and B) not telling you in advance?

  2. Actually, whole milk is better, at least for the getting the burning sensation out of your mouth. That’s because what causes the burning are oils from the peppers, and drinking something like water or rum won’t dissolve those oils (in fact, they’ll probably make it worse). Milk, on the other hand, is a lipid, and will dissolve the oils from the hot peppers…

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