Over on Siffblog, E. Steven Fried notes that the EMP will be showing D. A. Pennebaker’s Eat the Document shortly.

I saw the post title and subject and mistakenly took it for a review of No Direction Home; I had been mulling a review of the film myself but think I said I what I had to say, more about the subject than the film, last week as the film aired. Any film by Scorsese is going to offer some critical fodder that relates specifically to Scorsese’s themes and work; in this case, I think the theme is Scorsese’s greatest theme, that of self-invention. I recall realizing with disappointment that the director was not going to tie Dylan’s youthful interest in Civel War-era New York City to his own.

(God! I must be asleep at the wheel! In my correction I misidentified the venue for the film as the NWFF!)