Incredibly, word has belatedly reached me of the wrap on a Darby Crash biopic, which will apparently lead to a Germs reunion tour. Don Bolles, later of Nirvana and in between his Germs time and that with Kurt, was the original drummer for 45 Grave, who also recently were slated for a revenant tour, but have apparently dropped out.

Bolles stayed with me for several days in my freshman dorm room circa 1984 when he was separated from his 45 Grave bandmates. He was reunited with his cadaverous colleagues shortly before my floor’s residential advisor approached me about the discarded needles that had unexpectedly begun to appear in the men’s restroom facilities. Despite this, I recall my week with Don fondly, as he slept a great deal and embellished my copy of “GI” in black marker before autographing it in behalf of the long-departed Darby.