… and he shall appear.

In tonight’s episode of ENTERPRISE, a comedy number featuring the NX-01 being boarded by Ferengi pyrates aided by (help me, Batman!) knockout gas, one of the crafty interstellar, er, “traders” was played by…

None other than Clint Howard, ladies and gentlemen, mentioned just ONE DAY AGO on this broadcast! At that time, I was referring primarily to his previous immortal role in the alll-time classic ROCK AND ROLL HGH SCHOOL but also by way of his appearance in the Classic Trek episode “The Corbomite Maneuver” as “Commander of the First Federation flagship Fesarius”. He was all of seven at the time.

It says here that he was born on April 20, 1959; if we accept the data, that’s FORTY-THREE years between episodes (unless I’m missing an appearance, a distinct possibility) and a whopping EIGHTY-SIX percent of his life to date – very possibly a new record for coming full circle as a guest actor on Trek.

You can also see him in the role here as well as in some other choice roles. As Balok, he ends the episode with the unforgettable words “This… is tranya. I hope you savor it as do I”, and pours everyone a little cup of orange juice.

Ladies and gentlemen, CLINT HOWARD!!! (applause)



wait a minute… “The Clint Howard Variety Show”? What the hell is going on here?