An AP wire story out of Miami by Ken Thomas (Workers: Voodoo Signs Present Before Union Vote):

“Workers at a nursing home testified Monday that they felt threatened by voodoo signs they saw before a union election that lawyers for the facility say should be nullified.”

The evidence:

“Lula Torina McClain-Barrett, a dietary aide, said she was worried after finding half-filled cups of water placed on cabinets and rows of three pennies in drawers that held sheets.

She said she was warned by others who knew about voodoo not to touch the pennies.

“After she told me they could be evil, I left them alone,” McClain-Barrett said.”

Well, geez, no wonder they were worried. The case is in adjudication by the NLRB. If they admit it as a harassment case, it sets an interesting precedent for what could be admissible in the future.

Far be it from me to mock someone’s belief system – um, wait, no, no, it’s not.

On the other hand, maybe this means I can put a voodoo curse on the American Enterprise institute:

In the name of Papa Legba and Baron Samedi, may all you pinheads at AEI experience catastrophic software failures that make it impossible for you to disseminate your evil propaganda.

Great! got that problem all taken care of, at least until someone accuses me of lining pennies up.