As the new iTunes podcasting integration requires one to turn on the music store access in the app, I must say: fuck that shit.

Also, what the fuck is up with the visual overload in the store UI, people? How on Earth can anyone with the visual sensibilities of sea cucumber possibly understand when, how, or if they are purchasing something? It’s like plucking your eyeballs from your head and dunking them into a molten pot of lead, eyestalks distended but intact, transmitting the sight of the sparking bright orange surface into your brain right up until they fry horribly in the liquid metal.

Gawd. I have no idea how you people can put up with that crap.

One thought on “iTunes podcasting: feh.

  1. I am, for the most part, nonplussed by podcasting, itself. I cannot figure out why I’d want to spend my iPod time listening to bloggers read blogs, or “mainstream media” shows that I could see on television or radio. I mean, if I wanted to listen to the radio, I would carry a radio around with me. I prefer to listen to music, but hey, that’s me.

    I do not, however, mind the itms interface that much. Mainly, I’m pleased to be able to buy albums the day they come out without having to go out in the summer heat in my newly adopted Southern home. But I’m an anti-social bastard, so there’s that.

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