In July 25th’s En cas d’urgence gardez votre calme I acknowledged that I’d recieved my fabulous prize from Paul Frankenstein Light Industries by posting a shot of me in the shirt.

Blabbing on at length, I eventually proposed this site’s inaugural contest: who ever first identified all of the items in the photo (not counting your humble host) which had been previously featured in individual entries here would recieve a randomly drawn gimcrack from our household Big Bag o’ Mystery Stuff, a bag which was manufactured by none other than your pal and mine, Archie McPhee.

How fitting, then, that the winner of the contest should prove to be Paul Frankenstein (“Stine”, to his personal trainer and entourage). Mr. Frankenstein correctly identified the two items immediately behind my head as having been the subject of blog entries: the infamous KG Bobblehead and the less-well-beloved Blue King.

Oops! In looking into that last entry I realized that I’m overdue to provide my wife with a special prize of her own. So here it is:

Mr. Frankenstein, in the comments section on the entry which launched his winning observations, also felt that he recognized the “Redneck Rock” LP seen on the floor of my apartment in the lower right of the large picture. I assured him that it was doubtful, as the LP was an independent release originating in Vancuver, WA in the mid-seventies, and that I had found it in a free pile recently but been afraid to listen to it to date.

Rest assured, I’ll listen soon, and you’ll get to share the love, dear readers.

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