ken goldskee: yourn, this week garnered a comment I thought worthy of promotion, from one “Buck Wooley”, a skee-baller (see below) of great repute (bolds and italics mine):

Dear Sir, I understand that you felt the need to profess your love of Ken Goldstein with a sincere description of his character. But as another admirer of “the steen”, I feel compelled to show you the error of your ways.

Ken Goldstein is a proud gallant hero of words and wisdom. A godly figure dressed in golden suede bell bottoms & ray bans.

Why? Why attempt to tarnish the reputation of the suave Ken Goldstein w/ such cardigan-wearing, easily-intimidated, pale-dry-boy falsities?

To which I can only say, woah! Hey, now, FOKG (see below), I’m not pickin’ on nobuddy heah! I bow to no one in my admiration of the dashing figure Mr. Goldstein cuts!

Now, as far as Ken and falsies go, well, I can’t possibly discuss that.

Also: “golden suede bell bottoms & ray bans” ? Um, was there a party I didn’t get to because of my enhanced geezerness?

Yeesh! Ima put on my favorite cardigan now!

FOKG = Friends of Ken Goldstein.

While the sages don’t clearly record how skilled a skee-baller Buck Wooley was, skee-ball fans from every corner of this great nation of ours have inundated me in deluge of Telex flimsies, singing telegrams, and whispering campaigns in an effort to correct my oversight: Mr. Wooley was, in fact, a sportswriter, and not a skee-ball pro. My oversight, and I thank the legions of Wooleyheads out there for your gentle corrective action.