bkbart12400hb1.jpg This is the first flyer I did for my old band, the Bare Knuckle Boxers.

We had a monthly gig at the Art Bar, downtown (near one of the Amazon outposts), for about a year. Maybe a bit longer. The regulars in the place were more to the hip-hop end of the scale than people one might expect to attend gigs by a rock band playing punk-ish versions of Irish traditional music, but we definitely had some good nights. The show advertised on this flyer was one of them.

We had the good fortune to talk the incredilby talented Jason Webley into opening for us; honestly, it’s hard to actually go on after Jason, because he’s so good and so entertaining. Nonetheless, we ripped it up that night, and Jason was part of the reason.

Other highlights of the Art Bar tenure included a very drunk man, who spoke no English, from somewhere in Africa repeatedly attempting to hug everyone in the band, one at a time, while we were onstage and in the middle of songs, over and over again. He succeeded in getting us all to jump in the air while shouting “Africa”, in imitation of an expression of happiness he had repeatedly made.

2 thoughts on “An old BKB flyer

  1. What year was that, exactly? I would have liked to be there, but I might not have heard of any of you guys yet at that time.

    How does one get regularly scheduled gigs at a particular place, usually? I am most often found at the Market and in front of the UW Bookstore in the U-District these days, but that isn’t formally scheduled, of course…

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