eBay: eBay item 1369970060 (Ends Aug-05-02 06:25:04 PDT ) – OOAK BAG LADY BARBIE CART & EMPTY CANS INCLD.

What does OOAK stand for?

I found this while looking for a doohickey I saw a little old lady with at the grocery store last week – basically a tripod golf bag cat that had been redesigned for use as an urban pedestrian’s shopping bag hauler. The main spar of the cart had a bunch of heavy-duty hooks on it to hang bags from, a reasonably-tall rubber grip handle with a locking brake on it, and the rig itself rode on three 12-inch spoked wheel with inflated rubber tires.

I use a little-old-lady cheaply made wire-basket cart and doing so has given me more than enough time to identify the specific featuresI desire and potential engineering solutions to employ: the cart glimpsed at the store appeared to have them all.

It was the shopping cart of my dreams, and I can’t find it on the web, because “shopping cart” in google means the digital mechanism where by one orders stuff on the web.


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