So, you’ve probably heard that this time out the NYT’s A. O. Scott rejects, I’m sorry to say, a curb-stomping for Star Wars, Episode III (sorry for the link, but the blogerator appears to be down.) Apparently eager to make up for it, The New Yorker’s Anthony Lane unleashes a review of overreaching vituperation which fails to amuse in (for example) its calls for the extermination of Yoda, and generally appears to reveal the critic as an enemy of fun. From what I can make of it, you’d think he’d actually like the film. He prophetically describes it as a “remorseless non-comedy,” sadly telegraphing a review into which he undoubtedly chortled three decades’ worth of deep loathing. It saddens me, because I do so enjoy a sound sour Star Wars review and had held great hopes, if not for the film, for the reviews.