I recorded a bunch of pretty pristine audio this weekend. Bugs chirping and loons whooping and unknown faux feral beast howling in the night. But alas. The signal, though clean, is so low in the mix, I don’t have the time to post a usable selection of mp3s here tonight. Here is the best I can do.

Close your city-dazzled eyes, plug up your traffic-deafened ears, and imagine layers and layers of birds shrieking and chirping and disputing and fussing and fighting over their turf. Now add an exponentially-larger number of insects, all doing the same thing, at an individually lower volume that collectively challenges the numerically-inferior cohort of winged dino descendants.

Vary by time of day over several twenty-four hour periods but make note of the relative lack of human-produced sounds. If you wish to emulate my personal reaction to this spring soundwash, desire to live outside of an urban area.