As promised, I ironed the curtains.

Also as promised, here is a picture of moi (prn: “mou-waah”) modeling the finest in contemporary home maintenance wear courtesy of Paul Frankenstein. Click the pic for a big, big eyeful (no, no, you don’t have to send the kids out of the room, honest).

The shirt is VERY large, but I haven’t washed it yet. I have a couple other cafepress shirts and they are marked as the same size. They fit fine. Paul has many fine garments for purchase by the public at large (including the one I’m wearing: it says “en cas d’urgence gardez votre calme” next to a lil doob-levay-say, or crappah, as some would have it) here.

I won the shirt in a too-short, thanks to me, first-come-first-served contest (link to Paul’s current blog page; once you’re there, use your browser’s page-search function to look for “number of dots”) that Paul hosted regarding the logical mechanism underlying a design feature of his blog. Later in life I hope to adjust this link so it points to the appropriate archive.

I’d love to tell ya about it, but his NDA was killer.

I would like to point out however, that the shirt espouses a fine sentiment which we can all get behind.

Paul also today wrote a fine roundup of his visible corner of the blogocology, which I heartily recommend.

In the spirit of these things, here’s mike.whybark.com’s first contest: first person to accurately count the things in this photo which have been previously featured on mike.whybark.com in their own entries wins a randomly drawn gimcrack from a big bag of Archie McPhee goodies we have laying around the house!

(ahem, no, Viv, immediate family members are NOT included.)

12 thoughts on “En cas d'urgence gardez votre calme

  1. It looks good on you, my friend (I’m pretty sure that you won this month’s contest, not last’s).

    Anyway, you’re right about the NDA being a killer; the last person who violated one of my NDAs is currently serving the global community as part of the foundation of a large shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

  2. So you’ve got Cafepress shirts too, eh? Hope your friend’s store is doing well. I have a total of four of them (all linked to from the front page of my website), but they so far are patronized mainly by members of my extended family (sigh…). They include stuff with photos taken in Ireland and computer art inspired by Neolithic European ceramic art, if you’d like to check them out. I’ll probably have to order some teeshirts myself in order to promote them effectively…

  3. The KG Bobblehead Doll and the Elvis painting.

    And I think I’ve seen the “Redneck Rock” albums somewhere before (though that might have been late at night on cable TV).

  4. The KG Bobblehead Doll and the Elvis painting.

    And I think I’ve seen the “Redneck Rock” albums somewhere before (though that might have been late at night on cable TV).

  5. You WIN!

    But I doubt that you saw the “Redneck Rock” LP anywhere – it’s a mid-seventies indie from Vancouver, WA (home of Wacom!) which I found in a free pile and had to take home, although I have yet to listen to it, due to fear: songs include the immortal hit “Yodle Odle Lady” (obviously an influence on Beck) and other, not very promising backwater progressive rock hints.

    I actually have several oddball old-time indie releases from Washington state, including a direct-to-disc one off of two anonymous people playing the piano and singging, muffled as though from a great distance – or as though there were no mikes used in the recording.

    Wait, this just got too long and complicated to keep in the comments section.

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