Google Information for Webmasters corrects my superstition regarding *.shtml pages, discussed in this recent post.

Fiction: Sites are not included in Google’s index if they use ASP (or some other non-html file-type.)

Fact: At Google, we are able to index most types of pages and files with very few exceptions. File types we are able to index include: pdf, asp, jsp, hdml, shtml, xml, cfml, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, wks, lwp, wri.

Howsomever, searches via my nice, shiny new google site search are NOT turning up recent results. Results for individual entries show up through June 3.

There has been some recent discussion, from January through just about early June, concerning Googlebombing and similar results of Google’s preference for well-linked, frequently updated pages in their search results. At the tail end of the discussin came some speculation that perhaps Google would be forced to rejigger their searchengine in order to skew away from bloggers.

What’s really interesting to me about this sudden google-invisibility is that I’ve had and used the domain for years now; I’ve always noticed googlebot in my logs on a regular basis.

Suddenly, it’s gone.

So here’s the 19-cent question: have other toilers at Acme Bloggers, Inc. or Universal Blog Provisioners, Ltd., noticed this sudden cessation of Google love?

And an update: I repaired my malfunctioning PHP forms, and everything should be hunky-dory, except that I know I used a deprecated form because the current usage lacks sufficient sample code and discussion to date out in the great singing beyond of 00’s and 01’s.

So now it’s off to iron the curtains!