Yiddish Radio Project

March 26: real audio stream of the episode.

When I was a kid, my family used to listen to public radio rebroadcasts of Golden Age classics: Fibber McGee, the Shadow, The Lone Ranger…

Well, long story short (hard for me, you know), my tastes were formed to include a deep, slavering love of old-time radio. Hearing this kookiness is killer.

I’m struck by the structural similarity of the practice at the heart of this episode (adapting Klezmer tunes to 40’s big band arrangements and rhythms) to what we were doing in the Bare Knuckle Boxers, overhauling traditional irish tunes, stripping them to the chassis, and rebuilding ’em as hot rod rock tunes.

Greg brought in a couple klezmer tunes but we never finished ’em, really. I’m sure he and I will be able to pursue this again soon!