Hey look! Look, everybody, you teeming ones and twos (hm, this is like being on the air, er, wire at WQAX): Eric Sinclair‘s back on the air!

Eric is my very oldest friend, an acquaintance sparked by, you guessed it, a Star Trek book being read covertly in Mr. Noel’s 6th grade Health class. By me, If I recall.

(current Trek reference count in this blog: on a logarithmic scale, it’s a lot. Did I tell you I’ve written three – or is it four – pieces on ENTERPRISE for Cinescape? I think they’re all premium content or in the mag only, though, so, tough luck, kids. You’ll have to do with the ever escalating number of Trek-related asides hereabouts. IDIC, like, dig?)

2 thoughts on “He's ALIVE!!

  1. I don’t think you were reading a book. My recollection is that the class was doing a unit on the ciculatory system, and the idea that blood is not actually red until it contains oxygen, came up. One of us said “so it’s blue, and not all blood would have to be blue, it could be green?”

    I don’t think Mr Noel ever really knew what to do with us. Of course, neither did Mr Austin..

  2. Hm, that sounds reasonable. But you recall the set of Trek paperback adaptations (the Blish books) I bestowed upon you when I moved out here?

    I had one with me, and was reading it instead of listening to what was being taught. As I recall, anyway.

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