More Moleskine hacks, from 43 Folders. Highly interesting. I have spent the past couple of weeks desperately trying to keep up with the ordering demand for Moleskines at my biz. Today alone I packed up at least two whole cases of the things. The small plain ones sell the best, followed by the large ruled.

I think bundling them with pens might make a promising cross-sell.

3 thoughts on “Moles

  1. If you bundle with pens, that would indeed be cool; matching the pen to paper (for bleed, etc) is always a minor challenge.

    Says the moleskine carrier of two years…. I blame Ben Hammersley for my interest (I think)

  2. Apparently the current consensus stands that the Pilot G-2 is the best pen for non-bleeding, and i have to admit, it does feel really good to write with.

  3. Yes, but WHICH G2 to use? The narrow 05 or the broader 07? I have found that the 05 needs to write a few words before it achieves that silky-smoothe quality.

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