Mostly a test post.

Naturally, the upgrade kilt my perl-to-Image::Magick pathing, and in what I suspect to be a related development, MT’s configuration checking script does not b’leeve I have MySQL installed and humming along like a top, sooo…. some hacking is in order.


  • MT is dependent on two perl modules that are not default installations of the native perl, or, apparently, the additional I::M perl mods I set up a few months ago via fink. Ergo, the SQL switchover is non-trivial, since I haven’y confirmed my migrated fink is healthy yet, and the alternative, using CPAN (the automated perl updater) demands both significant research and the possiblity of stepping on Apple’s imperial toes regarding non-standard system software.
  • However, I need to update OpenSSH anyway, so, I know what I’ll be doing with my week. All of this certainly is in line with my stated goal in self-hosting: I wanted to learn more about modern non-MS back end admin.

    And finally, I promised surgery pix for anyone that’s interested in seeing bellerophon spread out like a patient etherised upon a table, so here they are:

    Bellerophon Surgery

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    1. …and so it has.

      Running SW update against the desktop system right now, will update bellerophone tomorrow.

      Thanks for the tip, Paul.

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