bkbben.gifThis week’s entry in my growing pile of original art is the main image from the last tee-shirt I designed for my former band, the Bare Knuckle Boxers. This image, with the website URL below it and the words “Irska Musika – Americke Svaly” (Czech for “Irish Music – American Muscle”) above it in a warm cream color on a dark-green tee appear on the front of the shirt; on the back, the words “Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy” appear as a quotation above the signature of Ben Franklin, which can be seen on the bill as well.

Originally I designed this so that it was much more like the new $100 dollar bill, but thought better of it and reversed the orientation so that it’s clearly NOT a forgery. If you click the image above, an 800 pixel wide image will open; I encourage you to do so, as there are some entertaining details, including Roddy McCorley’s title. Finally, the serial number – “MR5HN DRK1N CG V3” is, in essence, the chords to an Irish song we performed, “Murshin Dirkin”.

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