Review sites and hosting providers list assembled September 23, 2004. For further investigation.

Overall, I’m astounded at the way that the continued plummeting of storage cost has completely undermined the previous service-level pricing structure –, for example, has long been a standby among pros, but the pricing structure seen here is totally obsolete by comparison with the current crop. Just over a year ago, I was amazed at the pricing seen at No Hassle Hosting, but this trawl places their pricing structure solidly in the middle of the pack.

Providers 2500MB Web Space, 2500 Email Accounts, 75Gig Transfer $7.95/mo. Overkill, but no apparent disabling of basic functionality such as SSI.

Infinology: 9gb basic plan, $6.95; no SSI at this level, though.

Canaca: $4.95 base, 5gb/40gb, uses spam and security as an upsell (which is bullshit), no SSH or MySQL on base plan. $9.95 mid, 10 over 80, SSH, MySQL, no Python, ecommerce(!).

No Hassle Hosting: from 30mb/1gb @ $3.50 to 1.2gb/60gb @$30.

Living Dot: from 250mb/10gb @ $9.95 to 1.5gb/25gb @$24.95. Ugly clip art included, apparently.

Typepad: 50mb/1gb @ $4.95 to 200mb/5gb @ $14.95, just blogs. No clear information about email or other services.

Bloghosts 100mb/5gb @ $3 to 1gb/25gb @ $20.

Review sites (this may be the spammiest Google topic of all time) comprehensive-looking review and plan information aggregator.

epinons web hosting reviews: epinions consumer reviews.

Hosting Comparison: looks up to date. Clean site layout; looks ‘bloggy,’ but there’s little information about the site itself obviously available. Suspiciously boosterish copy.

Looking over this, I keep coming back to wondering about e-mail only. But of course, looking for hosting plans to that subject may very well eat another day of my life.

5 thoughts on “Web Hosting Candidates

  1. I’ve had on midPhase since January. I’m pretty happy with them, and I think they meet most of the requirements you mentioned last post. They’ll give you a shell only if you jump thru some hoops. And, if you follow the midPhase link at the bottom of most pages, and then actually purchase a webhosting plan, I get a nice kickback! So take this recommendation with a grain of salt, but do check ’em out.

  2. AZ and I have been using for a couple-three years now for our various domains, with reasonable happiness – and I think they hit most of your requirements (though cost a bit more than those referenced above). Like B… I get a kickback for referrals.

  3. happy to be of service, gents.

    I’ll add all the suggestions to the list for detailed consideration. I expect to follow up with info about the review site info aggregators as well.

    Kee-rist, i gotta fix this comments template.

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