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Lessee now, what are my reqs?

Email: up to five domains, low traffic, global redirects, unlimited aliases, webmail for up to five users, server-side effective spam filters, IMAP, optional whitelists.

Hosting functionality, required: multiple domains and unlimited subdomains, shell access, web-based control panel, backups, traffic analysis, PHP, MySQL, perl, no required change of registrant for domains.

Hosting functionality, desired: python, WebDAV (for direct mounting of the volume, very convenient), integrated iCal publishing would be cool but I can figure that out on my own, provider-maintained MT (or something) deployment (or go with TypePad, but I’d prefer to keep all online services through a single provider), provider maintained Gallery deployment (maybe; I think it might be easiest to keep that here, actually).

Hosting metrics, desired: 2gb storage, transfer unknown but not great. (my current footprint for non-cgi assets, not counting online photo albums and audio and movies, is 988mb).

Do I have a budget? Hm. Apple’s pricing is about right, but the storage is not acceptable and while the virtual desktop and synch features are cool, I don’t think they offer access to the server-side goodies I believe I want. Additionally, they are well known for an unpublished bandwidth limitation, so they are off the list.

3 thoughts on “hosting references and thinking out loud

  1. Mike, my new host is great:

    Same guy who hosts, proclaims, “No anti-Bush site left behind” . . . you can mention I sent ya for goodwill but I don’t get any referral money–but I recommend him highly. I run about 7 domains there right now.

    (btw, thanks for linking american samizdat but the new url is . . . )

    On preview: I didn’t write this post in caps but it seems to be posting that way . . .

  2. Thanks Doctor. Don’t fret about the ALL CAPS – I’ve been extremely lazy about fixing a bogo’ed comments posting template.

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