6 thoughts on “Tant Pis

  1. Curious to know what you call “hot,” I checked weather.com and found that Seattle is 94°F — “Feels Like: 92°F.” What? How can the heat index be cooler than the ambient temperature? Then I noticed the humidity: 23%! Isn’t that dry as the desert? I mean, Phoenix is at 28% for chrissake. (New Orleans is only 74% but we’re going through a dry spell. No joke.) What gives?

  2. I do consider it warm today. very few residences in Seattle have AC! I’ve got water in a spray bottle and am spraying myself at intervals and staying in front of the fan.

  3. I’ve been inside most of the day, looking at Oscar Wilde fansites. I was busking in the Westlake bus tunnel late this morning; strangely enough, it wasn’t as hot down there as I was expecting. Probably because I rode the bus down there from Belltown instead of walking with my guitar in the heat…

  4. B:

    What they don’t tell you is that they put wimpifying herbs in the water out here, which makes it impossible for those of us who have moved here – or are from here – to actually function in the intolerable conditions the rest of Murruca terms ‘weather.’

    Why, just last week, it was nearly seventy-percent humidity!

  5. Actually, it was about 76% humidity.

    Having moved to Seattle as a sixteen-year resident of Florida, I’ve grown accustomed to people spouting things like, “You’re from Florida! You should be used to the heat!” Except, as I’m similarly fond of pointing out, when the temperature in Florida goes above 75, you turn the damned air conditioning on. You have no choice but to suffer in Seattle.

  6. And yes, it is dry as the desert. We are heading into the part of the year which is historically the driest part of the year – we shouldn’t see rain for a couple weeks.

    Which should be no big deal, but it will suck. We’ll learn, as we do every summer, that it’s not the magic of our sanctimonious eco-snootery that keeps the air in this city so clean – IT”S THE BELOVED RAIN.

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