Viv’s in Kullyfornya until Tuesday and so I intend to uphold the ancient directives of bachelorhood and pursue the disciplines of shirking household chores, eating cold pizza in the morning, and beginning at least one absurd home-improvement (or computing) project that will eat up forty-eight hours with no discernible issue. Said project, of course, must take place while steadily, but not hastily, consuming massive quantities of beer.

You can play along at home, by helping determine part of my diet. What’s your fave delivery pizza in Seattle?

7 thoughts on “Pi

  1. I like pagliacci, but the one on 15th (palermo?) is also good. I confess I haven’t had delivery from them, I bought one and brought it home with me. also, piecora!

  2. Whaaaaaat, no nachos?? (One of your meals should be either nachos or a block of pure salt, if my understanding of men is correct.) And you ARE going to wear the same clothes for at least thirty-six of those hours, I trust . . and overlook some fine details of something, also a time-honored practice.

    Can we help determine the beer part of your diet? Any summertimey brews you’ve been consuming lately?

  3. ooh, stinky clothes, good call. It’s supposed to be 3 days of 90+ here, so, perfect timing. I’m thinking shorts ad an all-cotton floral-print shirt.

    Beerage. I have a case of mixed brews from last week. I may need to go on a run.

  4. The shirt is all wrong Mike. No shirt. Just shorts. And scratch yourself a lot. Or go the whole way and wear either the boxers with the gapping fly, or the used-to-be-white briefs with the blown elastic in the legs.

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