So I actually started this entry about 24 hours ago, but miscellaneous things have interfered.

Thing one: The Day After Tomorrow, on which more presently.

Thing two: Chris and Sabrina – Chris has been visiting the lovely ms. poupou, and I have been doing my part to encourage Mr. Dent to take up his proverbial toothbrush and towel. I had brekkus witth ’em this morning and when last seen they were projected to become visitors to the new downtown building of the Seattle Public Library.

Thing three: my mom and dad just bought their first Mac, and I spent some portion of the afternoon helping with user education stuff.

Thing four: unsurprisingly, Matt Uhlman has been experiencing the same variety of ranterrific red-eye rage that plagued me last week. Thanks, Ronnie! Hope that’s over with for now! Coffin killer – qu’est que c’est?

Thing five: Ken is supporting himself via the magic of poker, but refuses to identify himself as a “professional gambler” when attempting (or avoiding the attempt, really) to pick up chicks.

Thing six: John Kerry’s extreme lack of clue. See the next entry.

One thought on “overwhelmed

  1. yeah, boy was I upset over this last week’s t.v. programming.It just really brought back the 80’s with a wallop for me. suprisingly, this doesn’t seem to have been a bad thing for a lot of people. the unescapeable fascist symbolism of it was what really got to me…and it was there all along during the reagan white house. Also the near complete lack of objective criticism got to me.

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