Letter From New Orleans #13: Saint James Infirmary, dug up out de groun’ and spread about in the public square (attn: nawlinzites).

Via the estimable devotee of his highness the Turkmenbashi, Languagehatbashi, via MeFi.

Remarkably, no titular mention of Lock Hospital occurs in the piece, but it’s clear the author has encountered it.

Greg and I have worked on both songs. There’s a possible third piece to consider, as well. The Lakes of the Poncho Train (Hey look! my old BKB site was numero uno in Google!) is clearly a song with ties to both the streets of Laredo and to the Crescent City.

Oh, and by the way: Ronald Reagan is still dead.

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  1. Cab Calloway also “performs” his version in a Betty Boop cartoon in which Betty assumes the role of Snow White, who, after eating the poisoned apple (or trying to escape the witch- it’s been a while), is led through a crazy world of devils, dead folk (sans Reagan) and skeletons with a ghostly Cab Calloway leading the way and singing St. James Infirmary Blues. I could have sworn that this version also includes a reference to “kicking the gong around” as heard in other Calloway songs. This is my favorite version of the tune. Check your local pulic library for the big Betty Boop box set…

  2. I like the whole Letter from New Orleans series. Good readin’. I wonder why he stopped last August?

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